Laser Dental Treatment in Bangalore

The use of lasers to treat a variety of dental diseases is known as laser dental treatment. Since 1989, it has been utilised commercially in clinical dentistry practice. Compared to drills and other non-laser equipment, laser dentistry Provides a more comfortable alternative to treatment for various dental procedures involving hard or soft tissue.

“Light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation” is called LASER.”

What kinds of laser treatments are there?

  1. Hard tissue procedures
  2. Soft tissue procedures

Procedures on hard tissue include:

  • Detecting cavities.
  • Preparing teeth and applying dental fillings.
  • Tooth sensitivity treatment.

Procedures on soft tissue include:

  • Treatment of a “gummy smile.”
  • Crown extension
  • Treating the attachment of the tongue frenulum.
  • Removing creases in soft tissue.

In addition, laser dentistry includes

  • Examining tissues
  • Removing benign growths out
  • Obstructive sleep apnea treatment
  • Treatment for the temporomandibular joint
  • Regeneration of nerves
  • Care for cold sores
  • Teeth lightening

Benefits of Lazer dental Treatment.

  • With soft tissue lasers, sutures might not be as necessary.
  • As the laser encourages blood coagulation, bleeding in soft tissues is reduced.
  • Anaesthesia isn’t always required for Lazer surgeries.
  • Because the laser sterilises the area reduces the likelihood of bacterial infections.
  • Tissue can regrow, and wounds to heal more quickly.
  • There might be less tissue damage as a result of the operations.

Is laser dentistry Safe?

Dentists must receive training from dental schools, professional associations, and the product maker. Don’t be afraid to ask your dentist about their training if you’re thinking about getting laser therapy.

Safeguarding your eyes from the laser beam is another matter of safety. You should always receive a set of specific glasses from your dentist to wear while they do the treatment.

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